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These are some works of art and some in progress of my friend :iconsimplececile:. I have to tell anyone who reads this to check out her work. She is precise, funny at times I love the Birthday Cake. What I like is she does great lines to start her works of art off with then puts smudges. Check her out she does more than Cartoon Characters.


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:iconlady-dragonrose: has one of the best personal galleries I have run across. What I mean by best is that she is so diversified in her works, it is just a joy to visit the folders in her gallery. Those folders can take you to many places and I enjoy everyone. I hope you sit back for just a second and enjoy the show.


:iconmiss-deviante: I just happened across this very talented person during Oct. and used some of her Halloween pictures in this spot.

Now that the Season is going to be more cold I found out this artist was one step ahead of me and had already done one work of art for the cold. Please enjoy!

Avatar's & My ID

:iconnefaire: Did my great and oh so very cute new Avatar. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for someone to draw their perfect Avatar. SHE IS ON HIATUS FOR RIGHT NOW.

I got my first free Avatar from :iconkitrakaya: she has a very large variety and also does some pretty good Emotes as well. Check her works out at

My friend was able to find a very cool Avatar from :iconr0se-designs: and I just found the gem :iconkezzi-rose: check out some of these people for a good Deviant Avatar/Icon.

These people are very nice to make some very good free Avatars and should always receive some credit for that Avatar. So if you know of somebody who needs an Avatar I recommend these Deviants no problem.

The ID I am using right now is a winner in a Contest I threw. This ID was made for me by :iconmonpicake:. I am just sharing the love after a long winter. She made me look like I am dancing and that is what I need right now. Thanks you did a great job for me.



Apr 24, 2014
8:37 pm
Apr 21, 2014
2:28 pm
Apr 21, 2014
4:55 am
Apr 20, 2014
7:13 pm
Apr 20, 2014
3:44 pm


I've Had Enough

You were under the impression, that when you were walking forward. That you'd end up further onward, but things aren't quite that simple.
You got altered information, you were told to not take chances. Now your missing on new dances and your loosing all your dimples.

My jacket's gonna be cut slim and check maybe a touch of Seersucker with an open neck. I ride a GS Scooter with my hair cut neat, I wear my wartime coat in the wind and sleet.

(love reign o'er me, reign o'er me. love reign o'er me ee, LOVEEEee love)

I've had enough of living
I've had enough of dying
Ive had enough of smiling
I've had enough of dyin'
I've finished with the fashion's
and acting like I'm tough.
I'm bored with hate and passion,
I've had enough of trying LOVE!

The Who (Quadrophenia)


Old Sayings Mom Taught Me

Well it's better than being poked in the eye with a sharp stick.

I loves ya little
I loves ya big
I loves like a
Little Pig

He's about as useful as a whistle on a plow.

Holy smokes the preacher shouted.
In the rush he lost his hair.
Now his head resembles Heaven
For their is no parting there.

He's as happy as a hog on ice

Don't feel sad, don't feel blue.
I once knew a horse who was
dumber than you.

Ain't you cute, with a dimple on your snoot,
with your five cent collar and your ten cent suit.

(there will be more, you know how you remember things until you need them, that's what happened to me.)

It tickles me, it makes me laugh.
To think you want my autograph.


"Far better to taste a teaspoonful of honey (truth), than to drink from the cup full of car oil (flattery)!"

Tracey Henderson

Silly Poems


A wonderful bird is the pelican,
His bill will hold more than his belican.
He can take in his beak
Food enough for a week.
But I’m damned if I see how the helican.

(Dixon Lanier Merritt)


Razor's pain you, rivers are damp
Acid's stain you and drugs cause cramp
Guns aren't lawful, nooses give
Gas smells awful,
You might as well live

(Dorothy Parker)


The Llama
The one L Lama, he's a Priest.
The two L Llama he's a beast.
And I will bet a silk pajama there
Isn't any three L Llama

(Ogden Nash)

Happy (Despicable Me 2)

Because I'm Happy (I decided to start the song from here)

Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof.
Clap along if you feel like happiness is the TRUTH.
Clap along if you know what happiness is to you.
Clap along if you feel that's what YOU wanna do.

Here comes bad news, talkin this and that
Well give me all you got and don't hold back.
Well I should probably warn ya I'll be just fine.
No offense to you but don't waste your time
And here's why.

Because I'm HAPPY...

(Pharrell Williams and all the hats he wears)

When I Was Young

first story of no order
When I was in my late teens I happen to be very fortunate in the fact that I had some really good friends. The good thing about having the variety of friends that I had was the fact that I was not always the corrupter. I had a friend in High School from tenth grade to the day we Graduated we always had a good time together. She was born the day after me and it wasn't until later in life I realized that one of the reasons we did not get along in Elementary School was because the same people bullied both of us. Two moving targets are better than one.

In tenth grade we wound up forming a friendship that would last til we somehow outgrew each other. Her father wanted her to have a sturdy car in case of accident the fact that it had eight cylinders was a plus. Detroit had some great heavy duty used cars when I was young and we had our share of fun driving EVERYWHERE.

Weekend were when some of the better older cars would come out and have all the guys "ooh and ah over their motors and girlfriends. The smell of burning rubber was basically at every stop light and every now and then the corner of a Police car waiting for the one person to make a mistake in front of him. It was GREAT we had so much fun, we raced other cars and usually won. Our windows were rolled down so we could talk to the guys in the car next to us.

It should be known that I have always had a smart mouth and sometimes it said things before my brain could respond. It happened more than a couple of times on our weekend journeys and both times it happened doing something we would not normally do. The first time was when this one car with two guys just could not beat my girlfriend and we wound up at every stop light. Finally after about three lights we started talking to the guys and one was pretty cute, at least that is what we both thought but he did have a good mustache. Finally we agreed to these two guys that we would meet them Inside McDonald's, that way no one could get hurt.

Well we waited and waited then we decided to order, when we heard in back of us "We went to the other McDonald's first". My girlfriend and I turned around to see who was talking, now mind you I stand five foot three and a half and was not wearing heels at that time. My girlfriend was about five feet six inches, when we turned around BOTH of us had to look down. It was the guys from the car I recognized the mustache. Unfortunately they recognized that we were about to laugh and got mad at us and stomped off. We could not help but laugh and order our Fries and Drink. The only thing I remember saying is "You looked so much taller in your car". We were just caught off guard really we are were not mean girls. (oh crap now I am laughing all over again)

Another time there were three of us girls in the car, I had asked a friend to join us. So having three people in the car we decided that this car with two good looking guys was safe enough for three girls to handle. We knew we would not be getting out of the car and I told my friend never to turn the car off. I might do stupid things to myself but I always made sure that my friends would never get hurt. We had a great time talking. The person who was driving was down right charming and his friend wasn't bad. The driver though was the one I liked best so when we knew it was time to go we told them it was fun. That is when the buddy showed why he was different from the driver because when we said we had to go the buddy said "What were not going to F***"? I said :No why would we want to do that you got your friend with you I am sure you will have fun tonight". Then I told my girlfriend throw it into reverse and get the Hell out of here. In the background I heard the driver say "Man did you really have to say that, they were nice". I almost felt bad for what I said but my girlfriends got a rush out of my quick reaction and the reverse move. After that it was still a fun night but we did not talk to anymore strangers, the lesson was learned for that night.
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Sithian Ref Sheet by LimLam
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This piece proves that not everyone sees things in the same way and how fortunate it is we get to see this artists perspective. It is i...

Enlighten my soul by alvaen-art

The way the clouds in the background seem to be dangerous, yet enjoy their part in the game they play in this work of art. The air is d...

Revelation by sweet-innocent-aura

Disclaimer I did not read anything about the work of art this is how I interpret this piece. The chains that bind and no one is allowed...

The Flooferty 's by Lady-Dragonrose

I should actually disqualify myself from writing a Critique for I am a Flooferty "Groupie". The artist has created a work of art that s...

detailed pattern with lights by Andrea1981G

What a marvelous work of art. The first thought that came to my mind was a Spaceship Barrier Reef and the art just kept tugging for the...

Erika the Hypnodra by LimLam
by LimLam

This is a very interesting work of art one can almost sense the evil in her eyes but the fascinating part of this work is the fact that...

Journal History


I am not giving anyone PM for a month. I am not going to accept people and trolls coming to my page and begging for PM or points.

I am doing Random Acts of Kindness. No one watching me get PM, I find these people by links or by art and stories. The point of using my name is so maybe others will see what I am doing and maybe do the same thing.

It just started and can end at any time as well. If too many people take the fun away I will quit giving PM away for a month.

Please do not take my fun away from me and others who just might get one month PM.

Under Construction

Something interesting coming soon. I HOPE!

Angel From Montgomery

When I was a young girl, I had me a cowboy.
He weren't much to look at, just a free rambling man.
But that was a long time and no matter how I try,
The years just flow by like a broken down damn.

Send me an angel that flies from Montgomery.
Make me a poster of an old Rodeo, just give me one thing
That I can hold onto.
To believe that this is living is just a hard way to go.

(John Denver ?)

When I was Young

My oldest brother had the best Album Collection I had ever seen. Of course considering there is more than a five year age difference my friends collections had not even started. Oh yes though mine had.

I had the Beatles memorized and was talking in a fake accent way to often as a child. There were more British groups of course so my accent sucked but the music, the music was great. The best thing about my brother's collection was he also had Ravi Shankar, Ravel (Bolero) and other groups to numerous to mention. Anybody who has read me knows I would never stop at those few groups. There were Animals, Sparks, Rolling Stones and things like Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar.

Til this very day I still look for good music no matter where I go. Whether it is from the Renaissance Festival or a vacation in Hawaii my search for music never ends. I have gone to friends pages to see what they are listening too at that moment and if I do not know the artist I go to YouTube and listen to whatever group it might be. Deviants have not disappointed me they have sent me good music when I ask and when I am down they will send me something that might cheer me up.

So know there is no such as having too much music. Plus anyone who sends me a new group also knows how much I appreciate their help. So thank you for telling me who you like and never quit. If you ever want to know about any kinds of groups from me just drop me a note.

This is the Live and Learn Box

I have found out from many deviants that they would really like more than one or two words left as a comment for the piece of Art they created. I of course have always left rather wordy comments, but below mine are several "Nice Job, Good Work, Nice Story and :). Trust me when I write that not everyone is good with words, I understand that but you can always add one more word. "Nice Job on the background". Whatever made you like that piece put that one part after Nice Job.

I know all comments are welcomed by any Artist but how can they improve if you give them no words to work with? Telling a person the reason they did a nice job because of the shading would make them feel a whole lot better and give them insight to one of the areas they are good in as well. Once in a while especially with your close friends you might leave two words. Then you send a note to tell them how your doing with your piece of art and trade thoughts. The Artist would appreciate that as well, trading information with a friend and both of them improving.

If you are still reading this you are probably my friend and I appreciate that about you very much. How I got so lucky to have so many nice people to care about me I will never know, but I thank each and every one of you. By the way you all have done a Very Nice Job. (wink)


I know I have to update this I am trying to figure out how to put some of the artists I like.




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Nameda 6 days ago  Professional General Artist
thanks so much for the donation to my pool, so very kind of you :hug: :glomp: :D :heart:
Dygyt 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Use the points as you want. You know you have my permission to do with them whatever YOU want. I promise to donate again as well. You do wonderful works and have some great people helping you as well. Good luck and may your good karma spread to those you have helped as well.

Dygyt Alice
Nameda 6 days ago  Professional General Artist
OMG you are incredible sweet :huggle:  Thanks for your kindness, doubly so for spreading it onto my wonderful team and the Angels :)
Each single one so deserves to be seen and cherished as a beautiful friend.
May you be healthy and blessed always
Dygyt 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
After reading so many of :iconpurpleink777: stories about this group, how could I not know all the good things you have done. You have some really good Karma and it is so nice of you to share it with so many others. I do hope you take time to yourself once in a while.

I wish you a very good weekend and to be blessed the rest of your days. You are one heck of person and it has been my privilege talking with you.

Dygyt Alice
(1 Reply)
After thinking on it, I'd like to offer apologies if I upset you. I know verbal abuse is no joke so I'm very sorry if it hurt you. I'm just disappointing in someone for threatening to take away someones child over something they did in their sleep. I hope your day goes better and I'm sorry if I ruined it. Again really sorry if your upset it was my intent to poke fun not hurt you.
Dygyt Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You did a really good job ruining my day. Any one knows that it takes only one question to do harm to someone or even questioning if they could take a test. Not Nice.

I was only stating that other people going through abuse might get the gust to stand up to their abuser after reading the poem. I don't want kids to be taken away. I also want people (women and men) to be able to get out of that relationship and if that one stupid poem gets one person away it is a good thing.

I would like to forgive you but it really brought back some bad memories especially the being made fun of afterward. Just like what I said did not mean a thing once again. I won't call you Rodent any more Cowboy that is the best I can do today.

Dygyt Alice
You can call me either actually, and as far as this poem i agree if it gets someone out of real abuse that's good, but I find her actions to be self absorbed and lacking both empathy(for her child and  the sleeping father) and reason(remember it really happened). You seem like a nice individual though so i hope we might be able to learn from each other, I've suffered physical abuse myself, so yes this is hurtful to me to say someone slugging you while their asleep is even remotely equal to being beaten by someone. But I'm always up for learning from others who seem to have good heads on their shoulders and I should have followed my own creed when speaking to you.
Dygyt Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay I take care of my mom for the last four years, she's now in her mid eighties. I also found out  from my plumber today that with the bad winter he will redo my plumbing in four parts instead of a day and a half. I have to move all kinds of boxes out of the way. So my day was not starting out that well. Then we had our discussion.

It was nice of you to leave the first message. I did appreciate that very much, even though I wasn't sure if it was another set up. Sometimes people can be mean. The next message had me convinced you were more sincere. Thank you and I am sorry if anything I said was uncalled for as well.

So we learned from each other and that is a good thing. Drop me a note any time. My day has gotten much better.

Dygyt Alice
(1 Reply)
Thank you for the fav!
Dygyt Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You are welcome, it really was a nice work of art.

Dygyt Alice
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